If He Said It


I believe because of the misuse of this beautiful gift we throw out the principle trying to decode our lives ourselves, not listening for the guidance of God to handle the not so explicit things in the scriptures. Out of fear of getting it wrong, misleading self and others as well as hurt we silence God.

Really! What’s Next

written by Stacy-Ann SmithRepublished from Press Service International Ever feel like God has a flair for the dramatic? Ever feel as if His methods of responding to prayers and teaching of lessons have more twists and turns than a Alfred Hitchcock movie? You trust Him of course but sometimes you wonder why His idea of … Continue reading Really! What’s Next

Broken Yet Beautiful

written by Stacy-Ann SmithRepublished from Press Service International The story is told of an emperor, in a great palace. During the season of royal visits, kings and princes called on one another and admired each others' choicest possessions, and enjoyed bountiful banquets. The emperor had an exquisite bowl made just for him, to show off … Continue reading Broken Yet Beautiful

Saving Face: The Church’s Response to Sexual Abuse


Rachel Denhollandar made a statement that hit believers to the core. A survivor from the sexual assault travesty caused by US Gymnast team coach and osteopathic physician Lawrence Nassar, she expressed that the church was the worse place for a victim of sexual assault.

Deceived by Desire

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired…she took of the fruit thereof…” (Genesis chapter 3, verse 6) Desires are a normal part of human existence. The problem is sometimes it quickly morphs into demand. Carolyn McCully … Continue reading Deceived by Desire

Relationship Advice – Overload

"Happy New….Marriage!" Having seen about five people get engaged in the space of the two weeks of holiday I am ecstatic. Relationships are a beautiful blessing from God. I scrolled timelines and read posts of congratulations and well- wishes grateful to be a part of this new season in my friends life.  There was another … Continue reading Relationship Advice – Overload