Dear Woman

Dear Woman,
You are a military ally. Your influence is powerful. You are aunties and sisters mothers and friends. God saw YOU as a solution to the problem of man being alone. Dear woman you have been called to be a helper, but culture and translation has diluted the strength of your purpose as a tool for strengthening man. You were made to walk in alliance with him to aid in the bringing forth of the purpose of the Kingdom.
But sin has distorted you. The curse defiled you, and now you hate your men.   You declare them weak and you render them impotent. The hands that rock the cradle fills it with bitterness, and now we rule the world with false pride in our earthen vessels. Our babies suckle on our disappointments and nurture angry men who strive, and strike. Like Delilah you cut our men’s purpose and leave them vulnerable to the enemy of their souls.

You make giving respect oppressive, strip men of their God-given authority. You nag, complain and demand, and in an effort to assert yourselves you cackle and cajole in gatherings and groups and pick and snarl at their efforts and then you wonder why the shell of man retreats to his cave of sports, skirts and sidekicks. We call it women’s lib, and feminist movements yet our femininity has been infected by the sin of envy and our loss of purpose has muddied our eyes to the true nature of the gift we have.

Dear woman, you have influence and since the beginning of time the Liar has swindled you, confounded you and allowed you to hand over that power to him to direct our men away from the purpose in the Almighty. I ask you Dear Woman, look back at the wake of destruction behind you. The hurting man, the lost man, the brother, uncle, father, friend what have you done to help them? Has the strength of your words lifted them or destroyed them.  Has your arms held them up or dragged them to the cesspool of adulterous sheets?

Dear strong, industrious, powerful Woman there is a dual responsibility for the state of humanity. The true enemy in this war has infiltrated our ranks and like a confusion agent disconcerts and turns woman and against man and man against woman and we forget that like Esther we can save countries with our wisdom, we can protect our households from destruction like Abigail and like Deborah we can lay desolate the armies of our people with one strike.

Dear Woman, you are amazing, and insecurity only limits you. So gather your assets, take inventory of your inner resources and stand strong. Adorn yourself but with the potency of a gentle spirit and the resilience of a quiet character…

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