You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3


I was waiting for him at the store. He was just my friend but my emotions felt otherwise. I made an extra attempt to straighten up myself before I left work so I would look presentable and I eagerly waited as I scanned each person that passed by to see if it was him. My mind raced as I thought of seeing him again. I was rushed because I was late and a little miffed because of a slight annoyance earlier, and added to all of this was the fact that my mood was susceptible to the PMS monster that was standing by my shoulder.

He was late. He was never late. He always made it a duty to be on time for anything he did. Cue the crazy thoughts and baffling questions that are normal to some extent but if not met with rational answers they can lead to a crazy woman.

“What was wrong today?”

“Was he mad at me?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Was he with another girl?”

 My thoughts whirled around in my head and probably was the trigger for my cramps which were previously a slight, numb sensation to a now ever increasing pain.

I looked up and there he was… with another girl walking beside him (she was only his friend but that didn’t seem to matter to my crazy self). I do not have to explain the new thoughts that surfaced, nor the state of my emotions that were threatening to maul me right there in the store. I stood there transfixed by the weight of my emotions and mustered up the best hello and pleasant face I could find (trust me my face is a great betrayer of my emotions). We exchanged pleasantries, handled business and I did my best to walk out with as much dignity as possible; which in hindsight probably looked more like a stuffy poodle.

I walked or huffed and puffed my way back to work  as my mind was filled with more degenerate thoughts (not necessary to spill them all). While my mind was bombarded with a slew of cynical speculations the Holy Spirit interrupted my tirade and I literally heard Him say “stop”. Right away as if my train wreck of thoughts was intercepted and God put the breaks on the havoc that was my mind He reminded me of the scripture I so religiously placed as my status on FB that same morning after my time of devotions. He will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trust in Him. I can assure you, my mind was neither at peace or steadfast. My mind looked more like one of a raving lunatic.

I paused right there on the street and called out to God to help me, to stabilize me, to keep my mind at peace and in His faithfulness He did. Somewhere between my prayer and another potentially aggravating event (because no day comes with just one disappointment) the Lord gave me peace. I didn’t even realize when it actually came. I just suddenly became aware that I had” it”,the peace that passes all understanding (trust me I had no understanding for how I could be so calm). When it came I was floored by it. I was amazed at how the Lord worked and how God’s grace truly became sufficient in my weak (oh so very pathetic) moment.

He not only gave me peace but He sustained it. He smoothed out what was a mess, and regulated my mind. “The LORD gives His people strength, the LORD blesses them with peace.” Psalm 29:11 NLT


One thought on “Peace

  1. I love this chick! Keep up the good work. You had me all tuned in like you were telling a story. I wanted to know how it ended, lmbo


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