Wooden Plank

I scrolled through the names of my Whatsapp account and came across the contact of a person that caused me to initially want to cringe. Immediately before the thought could form its dastardly self into the recesses of my mind, it was almost bulldozed back to whence it came with the simple nudging of the Holy Spirit (you know He has the best counter arguments). “Take the plank out of your eye before you mess with the dust is someone else’s.” Now that may not be the way the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and it may sound like a crude version of the fluent admonition from Scripture in Matthew 7:3. However, the moment impacted me so tremendously that I opened up this, my first blog post and decided to write.

This information isn’t new, and it certainly isn’t the most profound.But I kept on thinking,how many of us, take the time to pull back from postulating a theory about someone and what they should or should not be like, all the while totally disregarding all the personality defects, wrongdoings, and altogether messed up ways that we engage in daily? I also kept thinking about how quick we are to be disgusted by another’s acts forgetting our need for yet another chance. It seems we are so quick to offer an explanation for why we do the wrong we do and yet jump heavily on others, pounding their efforts for an appeal for mercy and dashing any attempts on our part to walk in grace. What kind of world would we live in if we tried to take a moment to offer grace, to forgive when wronged, to take a massive swallow of our inflated egos and pride and say I’m sorry?

I think of persons who I have de-friended, blocked, hung up on, and altogether disregarded all in an effort to salvage my heart and build myself up, all the while forgetting the cross in the process. I forgot my appeals to God for grace and the mercy He showed me time and time again. I turned completely away from the mercy of the cross when my Savior hung there and instead focused on others wrongdoing, seeing it as was way too much for me to forgive. I forgot my Lord and Savior who hung bleeding on the cross for my bastardy behavior. If there ever was one to point a finger, then my perfect Savior could. He who knew no sin… Yes, He who never betrayed, never acted selfishly, never disregarded our feelings, NEVER DID A THING WRONG didn’t think anything of it to sacrifice. What love!  So tell me why? Why can’t I spend less time highlighting the minute (or sometimes major.. let’s be real) dust shavings in other people’s lives knowing full well that I have my own.

I am not saying this from an accomplished “dealing with my own wooden plank” standpoint. I say these things as charge to myself. I don’t even know if anyone will hear, read or agree with what I have to say. But what if people did? What if we did more self-reflection and sizing up? What if we realized that just as how you thought you had a reason for the inconsiderate, self-advancing, selfish thing you did, then that maybe, just maybe even though we won’t excuse behaviors, we may be able to forgive and give them another chance.

Let the Holy Spirit search your heart like the psalmist David said and have Him remove that plank.. Maybe then we will see better.

One thought on “Wooden Plank

  1. Wow Stacy! So true and always a timely reminder. “forgive as you have been forgiven” always gets pushed to the back in our self-righteous moments. Love your blog posts and look forward to many more!


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